Ho Chi Minh

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  • Published : December 3, 2012
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2. What stood in the way of Vietnamese self government in the years immediately following World War II? It all started when Japan invaded Vietnam September 1940 to have military bases in southeast asia. After the invasion, japan overthrew the French authorities there in Vietnam and was then independent under the Japanese. After that the Viet Minh was created and controlled by Ho Chi Minh. The Viet minh started the august reolution to take control over the government. This ended the Nguyen dynasty. Ho chhi minh tried to declare Vietnam independent but it was never recognized. This was all part of the war in Vietnam form 1945-1946 and the French Vietnamese war that lasted into the mid 50’s.

According to Michael Hunt, what was Ho Chi Minh's goal in employing the Communist revolutionary lessons? Did Ho's revolutionary model differ from that of the Soviet Union? If so, how? Ho chi minh’s main goals of employing the communist revolutionary lessons were to keep command of the political high ground as the only effective political group in Vietnam, to show a mobilized rual support, strengthen national unity, and to win acceptance of his government within Vietnam. Although he revcieved some support with this tactic, it was not enough to keep the French from trying to regain their power. There were many similarities between this and the soviet union revolution between the bolshvicks and the menshevicks. They both fought a series of wars and they both had very different split views. The soviet union revolution was fought over the beliefs of the marx Pure communism, and the vietnimese split was fought over the independence of Vietnam. Although Ho Chi Minh showed a little bit of the communist side, it was a mainly socialist regime with a peoples democracy for the short period of Vietnamese communism.
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