Hiv Film Reaction Paper

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The story unfolds to a freelance director of a documentary named Gil. He was tasked to document everything that covers HIV. His subjects were Heidi a prostitute, Ivy a call center agent and Vanessa a gay. So determined to finish the documentary, Gil finds no time for his girlfriend. Most of his time was spent working on the documentary. He didn’t have a hard time convincing the three to be his subjects since he tells them that they are a great help to those who needed to be informed about the disease. But as they go through shooting and editing, Heidi died, Ivy gave up and Vanessa got into trouble. Adel asked Gil why he is really so desperate to finish the documentary and why it seemed so important to him. Gil tries to keep the real reason that very hard moment. Until one day he was awakened to what Ivy has told him that she wants him to give voice to the victims of the disease then Gil ended up deciding to be just one of the subjects who would complete the story. He appeared on cam telling his audience that the documentary is about the story of the people who are trying to live despite having HIV and still sees hope. The story of Heidi, Ivy and Himself. The strong point of the film is really the screenplay which is in time and has an impact. The acting was established well since the actors suit to each of the character they portrayed. Also, it has a good cinematography. The shots and angles are just good enough to be able to leave a good impression to the audience. Seeing the film, every element is very good which leaves its audience a very positive reaction.
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