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When the British attacked New York in late August 1776:

a. Washington ambushed and routed them
b. the American army was fortunate to escape into New Jersey c. the Americans received French reinforcements just in time d. Washington learned the superiority of the militia to regular troops e. Washington met them with a larger, more experienced force

In August 1776, General Washington had 28,000 men under his command. By December, he had:

a. 35,000
b. 15,000
c. 13,000
d. 20,000
e. 3,000

Thomas Paine's The American Crisis:

a. stated the impossibility of beating the British
b. urged Congress to make Washington a temporary dictator
c. blamed Congress for the army's defeats
d. bolstered American morale
e. supplied Washington with battle plans

On Christmas night 1776, Washington crossed the Delaware to defeat the:

a. Loyalists
b. Hessians
c. British
d. Iroquois
e. all of the above

In late December 1776, George Washington was able to reverse American fortunes by:

a. recapturing New York City from the British
b. getting France and Spain to enter the conflict
c. convincing Congress to give the army all the resources it needed d. winning battles at Trenton and Princeton
e. destroying a British force outside of Boston

Washington soon learned that the best hope of beating the British was:

a. inventing superior weapons
b. an attack on the British Isles
c. a long war of attrition
d. the use of guerrilla warfare
e. recruiting Indian allies

During the war, Benjamin Franklin's son, William:

a. was a prominent American general
b. stayed loyal to Britain
c. earned his father's admiration
d. deserted from the Continental army
e. served as minister to France

The Patriot militia:

a. basically won the war against the British
b. was completely worthless
c. frustrated Washington with their lack of discipline
d. enlisted for a three-year term of service
e. favored conventional European tactics in battle

The state militia units:

a. frequently mutinied and joined the British
b. provided the most seasoned troops of the war because of their past experience fighting the Indians c. generally refused to ambush the British or to engage in hand-to-hand combat d. were highly successful as organized units even though they refused to wear uniforms e. often seemed to appear at crucial moments and then evaporate

Which of the following provided most of the money raised by the Continental Congress for the Revolution?

a. contributions from patriotic citizens
b. loans from foreign countries
c. new issues of paper money
d. requisitions from the states
e. direct taxes on the American people

Americans won a tremendous victory in October 1777 with the surrender at Saratoga of:

a. Benedict Arnold
b. Johnny Burgoyne
c. Banastre Tarleton
d. Lord Howe
e. Lord Cornwallis

The American victory at Saratoga resulted in:

a. serious peace negotiations with the British
b. a new invasion of Canada
c. France's entry on the American side
d. a huge increase in the size of the Continental army
e. Dutch entry on the American side

A problem with the Spanish entry into the Revolution against Britain was that Spain:

a. demanded that the United States surrender Georgia as the price for its help b. demanded that the United States adopt monarchy
c. entered as an ally of France rather than of the United States d. agreed to fight the British but only on the open seas
e. said it would attack only the British colonies in South America
The Baron von Steuben's contribution to the American cause was to:

a. use his fortune to pay the troops
b. drill American soldiers
c. instruct Washington in military strategy
d. supply the army with weapons
e. train the American cavalry

The Marquis de Lafayette served the American cause during the war as:

a. chief...
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