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  • Published : May 27, 2013
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March 26th 2013
Questions Chapter 12 (1, 2, 3, 9 and 10)
1. How did reform affect each of the three estates?

The reform affected each and every state because it made them equal in rights. It ended the labour and taxes due to the church from the peasants – They became free persons and the privileges of the nobility were ended. This was all because they wrote the constitution which abolished feudalism. 2. How could the perceived success of violent action, such as the fall of the Bastille, result in more violence by the mob? It shows that with violence, they get what they want. They were rioting and committing this act for the reasons of the unjust class system known as the three estates. Not only were the mob backed as well by women and most of the third estate but they became aware of something that could be very much of use, knowing how to make the King cower. People had a suspicion of Louis 8th being a woos and this did not at all work in his favor. This could give the mob ideas of how much of a fear they are or how much of a force they could become and what the potential results could be from overthrowing an authoritative power even.

3. Explain why the Constitution of 1791 included a veto for the king?

I do not entirely know why the veto was included but most likely it was included to be a power he could use in the case or scenario where he may be in a jeopardized situation and possibly near the end of his rule, the idea that there could be a law about to be put into place that he may not deem fit and requires time to asses things before the complete clearance of the legislation, or the veto was included for the king for his ability to delay law if there was a matter to do with the people and their rights, he could void the rights in the possible accordance of the law.

9. What do you think was the legacy of the Revolution” Was it a success? Justify your opinion

The legacy of the Revolution: a reminder of something that was...
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