Impact of French Revolution

Topics: French Revolution, Law, Human rights Pages: 2 (420 words) Published: July 11, 2012
Political s/m:
France became Republic as per C3 of 1795. End of Autocratic Bourbon dynasty(but LOUIS VIII was reinstalled after Napoleon) Complete reorgn of defective old s/m of admn. Country was divided into depts(provinces), cants(dists), and communes(enjoyed complete autonomy). Corrupt judiciary was eliminated and uniform legal s/m was introduced(Later Napoleon codified laws) Declaration of human rights. R to vote was given to all in 1792(repealed in 1795-to be based on property) C of 1791 made FRA leg. Unicameral and C of 1795 made it Bicameral. Economic s/m:

Lands confiscated were sold to farmers in cheap rates; artisans and labors got some tax benefits. Taxation benefits to nobles and clergies were called off.
Taxes detrimental to businessmen, farmers, artisans etc. were called off. Octroi was abolished. Revolutionary FRA also suffered from huge eco. decay. Govt. was burdened with loans. Pol instability affected economy. Series of wars brought huge loss to men and prop Social s/m:

Middle class took control over French politics.
End of feudalism- post revn many fled from France. End of privileges(taxation &property) enjoyed by Aristocrats and bishops. Forced labor was withdrawn. Unnecessary restrictions were repealed. Evil effects:

Lack of able, foresighted, balanced, efficient leadership led to political instability which had far reaching effects. Continuous wars affected over next 23 years had adverse effect on health of economy. Disturbance, anarchy, disorder in france for long time. Reign of terror shook france and many innocent people were guillotined. Middle class reaped most of benefits, leaving most popn helpless. Impact on other nations:

General: It gave birth to a new civilization.
Declaration of human rights had an everlasting impact; ppl demanded-R to vote, R to equality, R to expression, R to property, R to association-several movements were started-demanding justice. Spirit of nationalism spread all over the world....
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