His 104 Key Terms

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HIS 104 Key Terms
* Thirteenth Amendment
* The amendment to the US Constitution that abolished slavery. The abolishment of slavery was the final blow to the South during the civil war and was an attempt to secure the future of the nation by making sure that the institution of slavery, which was the ultimate cause of the civil war, could never cause a civil war in the US ever again. This was the first time slavery was mentioned in the Constitution * Fourteenth Amendment

* The amendment to the US Constitution during the reconstruction period that promised civil rights to everyone, including persons of color. This amendment elevated former slaves to the same status as everyone else. * Fifteenth Amendment

* An amendment to the US Constitution during the reconstruction period that prohibited states from denying men the right to vote on the grounds of race or color. This amendment allowed black men to vote in the United States. * Henry Ford

* Inventor of the Model-T car during the industrial revolution. Changed American culture * Scientific Management
* Also known as Taylorism, a new method of assembly line production, making factories more efficient during the American Industrial Revolution, designed by Frederick Taylor. The first person to use this method was Henry Ford for the Model-T car. * Thomas Edison

* The inventor of the light bulb. This changed the life of many Americans, as it eventually led to the rise of nightlife, since there was a new way to keep things lit in the dark. * Luna Park (Coney Island)

* One of the first amusement parks in America. Amusement parks created a new form of leisure for Americans because it integrated all leisure forms to “mass produce” fun for Americans. * Montgomery Wards

* The first mail order catalog, which created a new way of shopping for consumer goods. Sears followed shortly after that. This became a more convenient form of shopping for consumers because everything from tractors to canned corn could be ordered and sent straight to someone’s door. * New Manifest Destiny

* The new American idea that God has ordained the United States to move throughout the world, spreading their values and superiority. This was a leading reason in why the United States deferred from its isolationist policy (not getting involved in foreign affairs/conflict) and began expanding (gaining colonies overseas). * Maine

* An American naval ship which exploded while docked in the Havana harbor in Cuba, killing 260 American seamen during the Cuban’s fight for independence from Spain. This was “the straw that broke the camel’s back” for America to help Cubans gain their independence, in turn, steering away from their normal isolationist policy. * Spanish-American War

* A war between Spain and America during the imperialism stage of the United States. This was a direct consequence from steering away from their isolationist policy. Due to the United States victory of the Spanish-American war, the US received Puerto Rico and Guam from Spain and were also allowed continued occupation of the Spanish territory of the Philippines. * Platt Amendment

* An amendment to the Cuban Constitution forced by the US during the beginning of Cuban independence. The additions in the Platt Amendment barred Cuba from making treaties with other countries besides the United States, gave the US the right to interfere in Cuba “whenever their independence was being threatened”, and gave the United States a military base in Cuba. This is an example of how the actions of the Americans after the Cuban independence indicated that we had fought Spain for our own benefit, not for the benefit of Cubans. * Jim Crow

* A racial “caste system” consisting of a set of laws and etiquette between black and white people, limiting the rights of blacks, promoting racial equality in order to maintain the status quo of...
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