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Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act HIPAA was established in 1996 by Congress to protect patient information and how it is used. This act gives patients more control over how their information is used and gives them access to their own medical records (MedTerms, 2012).

HIPAA is a huge part of health care. All healthcare providers use HIPAA regulations. It basically dictates how health information will be used by healthcare providers. Patients must be made aware of their rights under HIPAA and sign consent for the use of any information. Electronic medical record

EMR or electronic medical records is medical information that is electronic. For example instead of using paper charts hospitals can use a computer system to keep track of patient care. This information would of once been put on paper which may be incomplete or hard to read.

Electronic medical records or EMR are becoming more popular among healthcare providers. It is a better way of keeping more accurate health information about a patient. Many hospitals and private practices are using this type of medical records system to keep track to the care provided to each patient.

Electronic health recordAn electronic health record is similar to an electronic medical record in some ways. It contains more information however. The information contained in a patient’s health record can be shared with other providers to provide information such as allergies, and current medications if the patient is unable to communicate what they are.

Electronic health records are used in health care to provide a high level of care to patients. By using a HER, providers can look in a computer system and find out information about a patient and their prior testing, diseases and other medical history. Personal health record

A personal health record is kept by a patient or someone helping to care for the patient....
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