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2. This question does not mention a timeline of when the loss of the two technicians occurred, within or before the project started, that can have an impact of what decisions to make. Now that said if it were to be at the end of the project one possibility is to do nothing if there is enough time left for one technician to finish on time or assign overtime for the one technician. Otherwise I would follow a list as needed starting with: A) Reassign resources from non critical activities to the project if possible. B) Negotiate additional resources (money for added staff or materials) by contacting resource manager. C) As a last resort request a schedule extension from manufacturer.

Handstar inc.

1. Basing this answer on an accumulation of growth rate, development time, development cost, sales and hours available. My recommendation is as follows:

Available hours 10,000
Hours required for all six projects 13,025

With this known one or two programs will have to be omitted or delayed, as my list reflects in order

1) Web Browser: Development cost- $97,500@1875 hrs
Growth Rate-15% annual Projected 1year sales- $2.5 million- cost ($97500) = $2,402,500

2) Trip Planner Program: Development cost- $325,000@6250 hrs
Growth rate-5% annual
Projected 1 year sales- $1.3 million- cost ($325,000) = $975,000

3) Calendar Program--E-mail Program: Development cost- $65,000@1250 hrs
Growth rate--10% annual decline
Projected 1 year sales- $750,000- cost ($65,000) = $685,000

4) Expense Report Program: Development cost- $20,800@400 hrs
Growth rate-5% annual
Projected 1 year sales- $250,000- cost ($20,800) = $229,200

Now the reason for omitting the Spreadsheet program and the Portfolio Tracking program is I ran out of available hours to do so, I then went down the list I made of sales projections and available hours to come up with the rest of my recommendations with...
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