Hamilton Depression Scale

Topics: Psychometrics, Measurement, Assessment Pages: 1 (387 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Psychological tests and how they are measured and scored have been controversial for many years. The goal of finding the ranges of disorders and abnormalities without bias from the creators of the tests is the key to getting the most accurate results. There are many tests that have been created to gauge many different types of findings. Some are designed to diagnose psychiatric disorders and used solely for that purpose, others are designed to measure aptitude towards specific talents and propensities. Schools use certain tests to measure readiness to go forward in the educational process. One example is The Hamilton depression scale, a test that measures clinical depression symptoms. The test is to be administered by professionals only. The test is designed to be used on people who are already suffering from depression. The test is to measure to which degree the person is suffering. In any kind of psychological testing caution must be used to assure accurateness in order to truly help the individual and gain insight into what the test is designed for. The Hamilton depression scale otherwise known as the HDS, varies according to version. “The 17-item version of the HDS is more commonly used than the 21-item version, which contains four additional items measuring symptoms related to depression, such as paranoia and obsession , rather than the severity of depressive symptoms themselves. Depending on the version used, there are either 17 or 21 items for which an interviewer provides ratings. Besides the interview with the depressed patient, other information can be utilized in formulating ratings, such as information gathered from family, friends, and patient records. Hamilton stressed that the interview process be easygoing and informal and that there are no specific questions that must be asked.”(: Hamilton Depression Scale - children, paranoia, adults, examples, person, people, used, medication, score...
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