Topics: Marketing, Research, Malaysia Pages: 2 (434 words) Published: May 2, 2013
Research Question: Should Proton move on to market -orientation method in order to maintain its market standing from Toyota in Malaysia ? Nature of Business : Proton (Automotive marketing)

Issue background :Proton which is the national car manufacturer of Malaysia decided to inject new models and increase the volume of production which is like putting salt into the wound despite of the ailing sales in 2012 which made them being threat by increasing marketing performance by Toyota and the reducing demand by the Malaysians. Supporting Documents:

1.Newspaper article- 'Proton needs to come out with more models' , Business Times, New Straits Times , 28th March 2013. 2.Article - 'DRB HICOM to unveil Proton turnaround by March ', by : Anthony Lim date : 13 December 2012 3.Report- 'Proton acquires Petronas engine technology' by : Anthony Lim date : 11 December 2012 4.Report- ' Toyota decided to overtake Syed Mokhtar's Proton' by:Lenazza Chia date :11-01-2013 5.Report- 'UMW Toyota achieves all-time record sales in 2012' . By :Danny Tan date : 21 January 2013 6.Report- 'Proton hails new policies for reducing car prices' 7.Statistics on Proton and Toyota cars sold in 2012

Theoretical Framework :
1.To know why Proton decided to inject more new models
2.To access the actual number of Proton and Toyota cars sold in 2012 3.To identify the steps that Proton has taken in order to increase its sales. 4.To assess whether the effects of the measures that Proton has taken. 5.To analyse whether Proton has to move on to market-orientation method or not. Content Flow : Research Objectives

1.Proton marketing strategy (Ansoff Matrix)
2.Questionnaire ( Primary Research)
3.Factors of Proton business performance (Pest analysis)
4.Ratio Analysis (Secondary research)
5. Statistics on number of Proton and Toyota cars sold in 2012 6. Financial Accounts of Proton in 2012.(Primary Research)
Introduction:Proton decided to start injecting more new models and improving car quality as...
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