Gre Verbal Questions

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1. It was discovered that nerve receptors in the face tell the heart to ________ down the instant we hit water, causing pulse rates to drop. • A. Slow
• B. Race
• C. Settle
• D. Choke
• E. Throttle

2. Among the dangers of free diving, the most ________ is the brain's frightening tendency to shut down within 15 feet of the surface during the ascent. • A. Comforting
• B. Perplexing
• C. Predictable
• D. Disconcerting
• E. Unpredictable

3. Without ________ action, the atmosphere's concentration of greenhouse gases is expected to double from pre-industrial levels by the end of this century. • A. Expeditious
• B. Valuable
• C. Expendable
• D. Crucial
• E. Prompt

4. Blood vessels in the skin and extremities constrict, while those in the brain, heart and lungs dilate, ________ blood to the places that count. • A. Delegating
• B. Shunting
• C. Bleeding
• D. Diverting
• E. Relegating

5. The researchers called for ________ new efforts to improve existing technologies and develop others like fusion reactors or space-based solar power plants. • A. Deleterious
• B. Detrimental
• C. Intensive
• D. Adverse
• E. Exhaustive

6. The envelope, at least in part, is formed at the end cell division by ________ fragments of the endoplasmic reticulum. • A. Amalgamating
• B. Dispersing
• C. Rescinding
• D. Coalescing
• E. Disintegrating

7. He belongs to an international panel of experts that works under United Nations ________. • A. Aura
• B. Auspices
• C. Aeonian
• D. Adytum
• E. Aegis

8. The crux of his speech was that the issue of climate change remains too complex and ________ to generate the requisite focus. • A. Multifarious
• B. Facile
• C. Contentious
• D. Debatable
• E. Homogenous

9. In the party that has ruled the country for 25 years continuously, factionalism is not something ________. • A. Inappropriate
• B. Obscure
• C. Unseemly
• D. Appropriate
• E. Familiar

10. A ________ in his nature shows through his record of teaching English in a Junior High School and not trying to speak that language in public later. • A. Monotony
• B. Tenacity
• C. Split
• D. Dichotomy
• E. Bonding

11. Until the mid-20th century, scientists believed that the human chest cavity would ________ at a depth of around 115 feet underwater. • A. Explode
• B. Implode
• C. Cave in
• D. Saturate
• E. Drown

12. When he was the President, he gave the impression of an extremely cautious man with high ________ for consensus. • A. Veneration
• B. Contempt
• C. Trepidation
• D. Reverence
• E. Apathy

13. It is evident that this point of view is given ________ by the prevalence of multinucleate cells. • A. Citation
• B. Credibility
• C. Casualty
• D. Causality
• E. Credence

14. He cannot be facing an easy future as the country’s next leader and there is nothing to show yet that he will be drawing on secret reserves of ________. • A. Leadership
• B. Oratory
• C. Vigour
• D. Dynamism
• E. Resolve

15. This is a superstitious practice that can be traced back to great ________, possibly to about 50,000 BC. • A. Archaism
• B. Innovation
• C. Novelty
• D. Antiquity
• E. Modernity

16. Amidst the strong criticisms, there were two distinct arguments that could easily be ________. • A. Annulled
• B. Cultivated
• C. Discerned
• D. Neglected
• E. Ascertained

17. The training is highly specific and those who receive it have neither the capacity nor the ________ to quit. • A. Inducement
• B. Impiety
• C. Incapability
• D. Incentive
• E. Incertitude

18. This is a ritual which is ________ from the very dawn of human culture and...
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