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* Freehand drawing is concerned with presenting ideas quickly and clearly * It is much easier to produce and alter a sketch rather than an accurate drawing especially when drawn on site. * Sketching the solution to any design and/or drawing problem helps in sorting out initial problems as well as the communication of ideas during research and investigation. * -------------------------------------------------

It is important to be able to read and communicate via drawing.
Some suggestions for accurate freehand drawing: * Always make a light drawing to check proportions before firming in. * When drawing move the arm as well as the hand.

* -------------------------------------------------
Do sketching on grid paper for better accuracy

* There are two ways to communicate graphically: (i) Pictorial drawings- which show 3D from one view. (ii) Orthogonal drawings- which show 2D from multiple views. * Pictorial drawings are good for concept drawings as well as for communicating ideas and designs to people who are not experienced in reading drawings. * The three main types of pictorial drawings are: Isometric, Oblique and Perspective projections. * Graphical communicators enhance pictorial drawings by doing Shadow lines, Highlight lines and Shading.

To sketch an isometric drawing:
* Step 1: Draw the isometric shape.
* Step 2: Draw the front face
* Step 3: Draw the lines showing depth
* Step 4: Draw the remaining lines and firm in

* Basic tools to make graphics: Graphic markers, coloured pencils, scissors, chalk, correction pen (tippex) etc.

Sketching oblique drawings: * Step 1: Lightly draw the front face
* Step 2: Project half the depth at 45°
* Step 3: Draw the other details
* Step 4: Firm in using correct thickness lines...
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