Mu 2.8 Contribute to the Support of the Positive Environment’s for Children and Young People

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  • Published : June 7, 2012
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LO 1.1 1.2
What is meant by a positive environment?
Everybody is affected by the environment they are in. Physical surrounding affect how we all feel and how comfortable we are, how we relate to others and how successfully we accomplish goals we have. For young children the environment is particularly important. The size of a classroom and outdoor play areas. The colours of the walls, type of furniture and flooring, the amount of light and windows can all influence how children learn. These factors have limited control on what you can do with them but there are many things that a teacher can do to create a supportive, interesting and positive environment for young children. Every child needs to be able to move freely throughout the play areas. The rooms should be clearly defined with the activity that they have been arranged for. For example there should be areas that are clearly noticeable for creative play , role play , quiet/book corner. This will help to promote independence, decision making and will encourage involvement. The location of materials in a classroom can encourage a child to independently select toys they wants to play with. If you put a toy where it is easily accessible it will mean that a child can easily get hold of the toy and will be able to play with any toy that is in the classroom. Young children will respond to the use of pictures and drawings in a classroom. Pictures and drawings can teach children a variety of skills and will allow teachers to define play areas and label materials. A room which is sensory-rich will provide children with an opportunity to explore the environment they are in with their 5 senses Touch, Sight, Sound, Smell and Taste. It is importance to provide sensory experience in a daily routine as it will teach them to use all their senses. The play materials that are in a classroom and the way in which they are organized can convey important messages to children. When the room is attractive, cheerful, orderly and...
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