Topics: Nuclear weapon, World War II, Biological warfare Pages: 2 (411 words) Published: March 7, 2013
What is the current threat to the United States either biological or chemical weapon? Why The current threat can either be biological or chemical. Both would cause disaster to the American society. Potentially biological warfare could be more harmful. As stated, Biological agents are difficult to control but relatively easy to produce. Terrorists may find them to be effective weapons.(White, 2012) p.139 WMD can easily kill a multitude through a simple epidemic. If an insurgent can access our water system they have the opportunity to kill millions before it is even detected. This would spread rapidly via airborne virus, water systems contact, etc.

What should the United States do you to better prepare for the threat from weapons of mass destruction (wmd).

Another prevention method would be to solidify our nation's infrastructure, border security, even something as simple as neighborhood watch. WMD exists on American soil, the only way to minimize its effect on our local population is to destroy it before it's manufactured or launched. The United States has the capabilities to destroy rockets in flight drones, anti-mortar systems and for our missile defense system. This is known as biological warfare so prevention, detection and mitigation is the best answer in fighting and preparing for any weapon of mass destruction. Our best response is to isolate to a specific region or area and suffer minimal casualty opposed to having every American pack NBC (Nuclear, Biological, chemical) mask around their waist. If they suffer 30 casualties and cost 3000 to live in fear, they had succeeded.

To better prepare for threats from weapon of mass destruction the United States should never under estimate the power and capability of foreign allies such as China, Russia, North Korea, Iran and Iraq to strike the United States. In addition, the National Resource Defense Counsel Report should keep track of the nuclear warheads that each country has. As...
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