Good Manager

Topics: Management, Plan, Leadership Pages: 1 (260 words) Published: December 18, 2012
1. A leader should have vision
A leader should always have a clear vision of what they want to do and only then approach others for support or opinions

2. Dream should be shared
Good boss always take every opportunities to inform their employees of his plans and dreams for the company’s future

3. Management is a perpetual creation
Business was a creativity, it was a process of producing something valuable out of nothing.You start with an idea for an enterprise. Then you hammer out a basic plan, thereby making a contribution to society.

4. Don’t assume that something is impossible
Don’t ever assume something without checking first.If you just say something is impossible from the first, you’ll never know that certain possibility.

5. Transparent management foster growth
Openness in management practice is crucial to a business that seek to grow.Satisfaction of employees was directly linked to the company’s growth as people felt their contribution was important.

6. Employ ‘dam management’ to ensure steady growth
A business can maintain steady growth and protect itself against changes in the external environment, by erecting a dam and reservoir in every part of its management, such as an equipment dam’ and a ‘capital dam’ that provide insurance for us.

7. Bad times have their bright side
When you are galloping, you have no time to look around you, so you don’t notice any problem. But when you face slackness, you can see everything in all direction and if you notice something wrong you have non time to fit it.
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