Gm Food : Harmful? or Helpful ?

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Harmful ? Or Helpful ?

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What is Genetically-Modified Food?
GM food refers to any food, that is derived from an organism in which the genetic material has been modified using modern biotechnology. It is commonly use in crop plants rather than animal. With the genetic engineering, plants could enhance desired traits, such as, increase resistance to herbicides and improve nutritional content. GM crops focus on improving the favorable characteristics and removing or reducing the unfavorable characteristics.

Conclusion : Harmful > Helpful
Harmful| Helpful|
1. Allergy 2. Antibiotic Resistance 3. Digestive disease| 1. Durability or nutritional value2. Crop protection|

Greater benefit ?

Benefit can be divided in to two parts:
I. Durability or nutritional value

In terms of durability or nutritional value, the basic concept is to add some new element into the food. For example, adding flavors, conservative additives, amino acids etc. Recombinant probiotics, increased nutritional value of meat and plants

II. Crop protection

On the other hand, it increases the level of crop protection; the GM technology let the crop less susceptible to diseases by increase the virus resistance. Also, it improve the virus resistance of crop, for example: The Golden Rice, scientist add the genes for toxin production from the bacterium Bacillus Thuringiensis, this helps to in expend the production of rice.

Harmful effects

I. Allergy

The first harmful effect we concerned is Allergy.
Allergenicity is the protein product of the transferred gene. Usually, infants and young children are more commonly affected by food allergies than aduIntroducing a gene into a plant causes allergic reaction. For example, incorporating Brazil Nuts gene into soybean may cause allergic reaction. 2S albumin is an allergen in Brazil...
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