Glg 101 Appendix F

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glg 101 appendix
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Appendix F

Week Five Lab Report: Groundwater

Answer the lab questions for this week and summarize the lab experience using this form.

Carefully read ch. 12 of Geoscience Laboratory.

Complete this week’s lab by filling in your responses to the questions from the Geoscience Laboratory. Select answers are provided for you in red font to assist you with your lab work. Although you are only required to respond to the questions in this worksheet, you are encouraged to answer others from the text on your own.

Questions are from Geoscience Laboratory, 5th ed. (p. 213–226), by T. Freeman, 2009, New York, NY: John Wiley & Sons. Reprinted with permission.

Lab Questions

12.2 (A) How many cubic kilometers of water reside within groundwater?

12.2 (B) How many more times abundant is groundwater than water on land?

12.7If, for the model in Figure 12.11, h1 were 506 ft, h2 were 497 ft, and l were 150 ft, what would be the hydraulic gradient (in percent) between well #1 and well #2?

Answer: 6 %

12.11If contaminants were to find their way into groundwater at Acme Industries, in which well would those contaminants be more likely to appear—the well at the Smith farmhouse, or the well at the Jones farmhouse?

12.18 (A) Which of the six wells in Figure 12.25 in Ch. 12 should be flowing artesian wells?

In Figures 12.19A and B, two depressions are occupied by water, whereas others are dry.

12.19 (A) Explain this presence and absence of ponds in these two figures.

12.19 (B) If the two ponds were perennial (i.e., year-round) ponds, because of intersecting the water table, how would the presence or absence of water in the other depressions differ from that which is shown?

12.20Judging from what you learned from information in Figure 12.19A in Ch. 12, how might one seal a leaking stock pond? Hint: We are talking three steps here, with steps #1 and...
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