German Successes and Failures

Topics: World War II, Operation Barbarossa, Nazi Germany Pages: 3 (885 words) Published: January 27, 2013
German Successes and Failures.
Background Information and Thesis
Starting off the war between Poland it was a quick start. The Germans took off on a quick foot winning war after war. They were unstoppable until they finally hit a loss. During the Second World War Germany experienced great successes from the years 1939-1942, but after the Germans enjoyed their share of win successes they began to encounter extreme failures until the end of war in 1945.

Topic Sentence #1
In the beginning of World War II, from 1939-1942, Nazi-Germany was very successful. Germany was able to achieve their goals of the war mainly because of their use of advanced war tactics and Stalin’s mismanagement. Reason #1

He used war tactics such as Blitzkrieg and Sichelshnit. Blitzkrieg consisted of Germany was to surround its enemy by cut through the enemy lines in order to distract them, as they moved in towards encircling. Blitzkrieg is the German word for “lightening warfare.” They called it because it was a quick process that was in Hitler’s mind as “always successful.” Blitzkrieg started with aerial bombardment by the Luftwaffe, they focused on penetrating the weakest points, and then surrounded the enemy and destroying them before they can retreat. Fast like lightening right? Poland was attacked on September 1, 1939. This was the first huge success towards enemy. Even though they had a lot of land, they wanted more. They started to mobilize to Rhineland and eventually they attacked France. France was expecting Germany to go through Belgium and Holland as they did in World War I, but instead they went into the Ardennes Forest and used Blitzkrieg in 1940. On May 10, 1940 Germany began the invasion of France, sending small units through Holland and Belgium and in the south the units swept through the Ardennes Forest, these units drove west and cut envelope. They took half of Germany and the other half was called Vichy France. Germany’s power grew and therefore Germany began to rule...
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