Generation of Hydrogen Gas Lab

Topics: Pressure, Ideal gas law, Chlorine Pages: 3 (718 words) Published: March 7, 2013
January 23rd, 2013
Generation of Hydrogen Gas

Hydrogen gas was produced from a reaction in a eudiometer between a weighted amount of magnesium ribbon and 5ml of diluted 6M hydrochloric acid. The partial pressure of the hydrogen gas produced was calculated using Dalton’s Law of partial pressure. With this partial pressure value along with known values in the experiment the number of moles of hydrogen gas produced could be calculated using the ideal gas law equation and this experimental value was compared to the theoretical number of moles that should have been produced in the reaction. It was found that the average comparison value between the theoretical value and the experimental value was 97.8% with a standard deviation of 5.7 and a %RSD of 5.8%.

Data and Results
Table 1: Production of H2 Gas with Magnesium and HCl using a Eudiometer | Trial 1| Trial 2| Trial 3|
Mass of Magnesium Ribbon (g)| 0.0363| 0.0349| 0.0373|
Initial Eudiometer Reading (mL)| 11.6| 4.0| 5.9|
Final Eudiometer Reading (mL)| 47.6| 42.2| 41.8|
Change in Volume (mL)| 36| 38.2| 35.9|
Final Temperature of H2O (°C)| 21.5| 21.5| 21.5|
Height of Water Column After Reaction (mm)| 29| 81| 92| Barometer Reading (mm Hg)| 754.1 |

Table 2: Calculated Results
| Trial 1 | Trial 2 | Trial 3| Partial Pressure of H2 (mm Hg) | 732.71 | 728.9 | 728.1| Theoretical Number of Moles of H2 Produced (moles)| 1.49x10-3| 1.43x10-3| 1.53x10-3| Actual Value of Moles of H2 Produced (moles) | 1.44x10-3| 1.51x10-3| 1.42x10-3| Comparison Value (%) | 96.6 | 104 | 92.8| Average Comparison Value (%) | 97.8| Standard Deviation...
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