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  • Published : March 8, 2013
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Appendix F
William Conyers
June 17 2012
Michelle Schwab

Appendix F

Associate Level Material
Appendix F

Academic Honesty Articles Worksheet

Resource: University Library
Find at least two articles on the subject of academic honesty in the University Library. Complete the chart below.

| Article 1| Article 2|
What keyword search did you use to find the article?| Academic honesty| Academic honesty| In which database did you locate the article? | EBSCOhost| Gale Power Search| What is the title of the article?| Perceptions of Academic Honesty in Online vs. Face to Face Classrooms| The future of academic honesty| Who is the author or authors?| Michael Spaulding| Bob S, BrownPeggy Choong| When was the article published?| Winter 2009| May 2007|

Was the article peer reviewed?| Yes| No|
Outline three major points the author made in the article.| With online courses come new versions of the old age challenge of maintaining academic integrity.Any form of academic dishonestyshould be eliminated, many speculate that the lack of face-to-face interaction in the online formatcontributes more to academic dishonesty among students in these courses.While maintainingacademic integrity is of utmost importance in any course of study, it often proves to be an evengreater challenge within the online format.| Younger students tend to engage in more Flagrant Cheating, Collusion and Illicit Collaboration.The education of students about academic honesty should stretch beyond the classroom.It is generally assumed that religious schooling is connected in some way with the development of higher moral values and thus promotes a greater tendency to behave morally| What did the author conclude in the article? What were the findings? | The present study provides additional evidence that there may be unnecessary alarmconcerning the prevalence of academic dishonesty in online courses as opposed to face-to-facecourses. The faculty...
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