Formal Lab Report Temp.

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  • Published : January 29, 2013
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Informative Title

Authors*, Partners Name(s)

Teaching Assistant(s)/Instructor
Date Submitted
Section Number


Brief Description/Abstract
State Final Results and overall objective of the experiment. Insert an image for a graphical abstract right above your text to grab your reader’s attention!


Include any pertinent background information needed for a reader to understand your experiment and results. Include any equations that may be encountered and go over their derision.

Reference the lab manual here. If you made any changes to the experiment make note of them here. Also list any precautions one should take with the chemicals being used. Give a brief overview of the procedural steps (others must be able to follow)

Place any measured values or observations made during the lab in this section. Include any known values that were looked up (don’t forget a reference for them). A table like the one below may be used to keep data organized.

Table 1: Informative Title!
Sample| Reactant(g)| Water(mL)| Color|
A| 1.235| 2.4| White|
B| 2.543| 5.6| Yellow|
Write out calculations. Try Word’s Equation Editor. Remember to label calculations and keep track of all the units on EVERY single number!

Go over any errors or problems encountered during the experiment. If you made multiple measurements give averages and standard deviations. Compare your values with reported knowns. Calculate percent errors. A discussion of the experiment should include qualitative and quantitative comments on your results. Calculations of precision, accuracy, and possible explanations of any obvious errors may be appropriate. It is often helpful to collect your results in tabular form.

Make sure you list your final results here. Only the final results…not your data unless you are commenting on it specifically!

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