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Report for Primark’s IPO purposes|
Financial Analysis Assignment|
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Table of Contents
II.Primark’s business and financial situation5
2.1.Primark’s business and financial analysis5
2.1.1.Business analysis5
2.1.2.Financial situation (trend analysis)6
2.2.Industry sector11
2.2.2.Cross-sectional analysis12
2.2.3.Summary of Primark’s strength and weakness16
III.Financial ranking and forecast17
3.1.Financial ranking17
3.2.Forecasted 2011 post tax profit18
IV.Corporate Governance Structure20
4.1.Several Essential Principles20
4.2.The composition of the Board20
V.Critical analysis of techniques applied in the analysis22
Appendix 1: Ratio Calculations:27
Appendix 2: Primark’s Ratios28
Appendix 3: Financial ratios of four companies in UK retail industry (2010)29
Appendix 4: Ranking listed companies in apparel retail industry in FTSE10030

Summary of Tables
Table 1: Primark's Current Ratio, Quick ratio when include Group Loan9
Table 2: Primark's Current Ratio, Quick ratio when exclude Group Loan9
Table 3: Primark's financial strength & weakness compared to listed competitors16
Table 4: Primark's competitiveness compared to listed competitors16
Table 5: Ranking listed companies in apparel retail industry in FTSE10017
Table 6: Revenue and Post Tax Profit of Primark from 2006 to 201019
Table 7: Critical analysis of techniques applied in the analysis22

Summary of Figures
Figure 1: Primark's Revenue & Adjusted operating profit6
Figure 2: Primark's Profitability Ratios7
Figure 3: Primark's Gearing Ratio & Long Term Debt8
Figure 4: Primark's Efficiency Ratios10
Figure 5: The Total UK Market for Clothing Retailing by Value at Current Prices (£m at rsp), 2006-201011
Figure 6: Share of Expenditure on Clothing and Accessories by Type of Retail Outlet (%), 201012
Figure 7: Profitability ratios of four companies13
Figure 8: Long Term Solvency Ratios of four companies14
Figure 9: Short Term Liquidity ratios of four companies15
Figure 10: Efficiency Ratios of four companies15
Figure 11: Current and Forecast Growth in the Total UK Market for Clothing Retailing by Value at Current Prices (£m at rsp), 2006-201518
Figure 12: Recommended Corporate Governance Structure21

I. Introduction
Primark is a major clothing retailer with 36,000 employees offering “high quality, up-to-minute fashion at value for money prices”. It is subsidiary of Associated British Food plc which is a member of the FTSE100 share price index listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE). In October 2011, it has 226 stores operating in Ireland, Spain, UK, The Netherlands, Portugal, Germany and Belgium (Associated British Foods plc, 2011). As a junior investment analyst at Bord, Dulle and Witless, this report will provide a fundamental analysis of Primark Stores Ltd in order to inform the IPO pricing. Fundamental analysis helps analyst as well as investors to draw a comprehensive picture of business and financial situation (Ritter & Welch, 2002). Those fundamental signals including company’s current and forecasted performance provides value-relevant information for IPO (Ghicas, Iriotis, Papadaki, & Walker, 2000). In the next section, an overview of Primark and industry sector will be given as well as financial analysis including Trend Analysis and Cross-sectional Analysis, followed by critical appraisal of Primark’s financial situation. The Trend Analysis will provide a review of Primark’s financial situation for the last five year from 2006 to 2010. And the Cross-sectional Analysis will evaluate and compare the company with its rivals and industry’s average. The financial ranking and forecast will be...
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