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Marketing 303-Final Review Sheet (Part I)

Multiple Choice

1.The promotional mix
3.Strategy that stimulates more consumer demand for products 4.Different types of advertising
5.Different types of advertising
6.Ads in unconventional places
7.Coupons, premiums, contests, free samples, and frequent buyer programs 8.loyalty marketing programs
9.point-of-purchase promotion
10.personal selling versus advertising or sales promotion
11.Elaboration Likelihood Model of persuasion
12.The scarcity rule
13.where customers can interact with the technology and provide information. 14.Combing through data to understand customers
15.Way of understand customers by whether they made a purchase recently as well as how often that customer makes a purchase 16.Different types of pricing strategies
17.The tactic that allows different customers to pay different prices for essentially the same merchandise bought in equal quantities 18.The price-skimming strategy
19.Different types of pricing
20.Article #37
21.Article #38
22.Article #11
23.Article #33


Match the Weapon of Influence with its Rule:


Short Answer

28.categories of pricing objectives
29.forms of product advertising
30. CRM marketing database applications


Please answer the following question in the space provided (DO NOT WRITE ANY MORE) in the most logical, comprehensive, yet concise, way possible.

31.Use the space below to create a television, newspaper, magazine, or radio ad that uses any three Weapons of Influence (scarcity, friendship/liking, authority, consistency, reciprocity, social validation). You will be graded on your creativity and knowledge of the three weapons you choose. Note: You cannot use any form of the incredibly entertaining QVC show.

Comprehensive Portion of Final Exam (Part II-10% of final grade) 40 Minutes for 20 questions
Take anytime (but only once) on Blackboard Dec. 5, 6, or 7....
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