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Short Answer Final Exam

2)- Inclusion for those who have disabilities have caused issues and disagreements between professionals and parents. There are reasons why deaf students should not be included in a general education classroom. The first being that general education teachers do not have the training nor the resources to give these students an appropriate education. The second is the simple fact that communication is a major factor in the development of a child. Cognitively and socially.

Going a bit further into the first argument is that general education teachers do not have the tools necessary to teach these special students. The deaf children are not receiving the appropriate education. They need the specialized care and attention that the general education teacher cannot give them in a large and diverse classroom. Also, the general classroom does not have the resources needed to teach them. Those who are deaf usually use the American Sign Language and many teachers, in a regular classroom, do not know ASL. So they would need a translator or another piece of technology to help the student learn. Which most general education classrooms do not have.

As for the second argument, communication is vital to the development of our students. Being put into a general education classroom, the deaf students will have to try to converse with regular students. These students will not know ASL or how to properly speak with a deaf student. Therefore, the deaf child will lack communication and skills and push them further back in their cognitive and social development.

Overall, inclusion would not be an advantage to students who are deaf. These students need more care and attention than regular students. Teachers in general education classrooms do not have the time and resources to help out these students with disabilities because they have so many more regular students in the classroom to worry about as well. Communication would be lacking as well. These...
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