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  • Published : February 1, 2013
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non fiction

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table of contents

list of major parts of a text corresponding page number,

key names terms topics aplhabeticall with page numbers
plot: plan of action in a story
setting: when and where a story takes place
theme: messgae about life communicated in story.
conflict : problem
internal conflict within himself
symbolism : idea that physical item stands for an idea
imagery: anything that appeals to our senses
gothic: germanic tribes living middle ages
art and archticture during renaiassanc.
gothic work based on unknown or something mysterious such as disapperance, murder, vision or dream setting of gothic work: symbolic of the decline of somethin that was good, beautifl or thriving. Character: suffer from a sense of impending doom, suspesne for readers:villian maniaca, isnae people, vampires, protagonist is isolated, epitome of evil villians. gothic conflict bulids tension within the story

suspense techniques
Discovery - protagonist sudden reconition of his or her own identity or nature or another charcters identity or nature Flashback - sudden switch to a past event that provides a missing piece that solves the mystery.

Foreshadwoing - charcter or plot element that is introduced early in the story; it may not be refrences until later, or it may be something missing

In medias res; tech in which the story begins int he middle rather than the begin. NonlINEAR nARRATION - METHOD OF TELLING STORY OUT OF ORDER
Reversal - change of protagonist fate that comes about because of a twist in charcters circumstances.

Reverse chronolgy - revalation of the plot in reverse order, from end to beginning.

unreliabe narrator - revalation that the narrotor has manipulated or manufacted the story. noarrator is not sane eye leve: most common camera angle, real life
bird eye: high above the action. drama...
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