Family Planning

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Family Planning
• It means the spacing of children and that parents are completely free to choose the number of children they want. • People in almost all parts of the world are agreed that family planning is necessary in every country which desires to raise the living standard of its people. • Family planning has also been referred to as the totality of human efforts to achieve human dignity, economic stability, health and happiness and welfare through: o Birth regulation and spacing of children by the use of accepted scientific methods o Treatment for infertility

o Family life and sex education
o Pre-marital guidance and marriage counseling
o Pre-natal and post-natal care
-> He has the ability to choose the number of his children according to his means; less financial worry; more comfort at home and happier marital relation Mother
-> She can have better spacing babies; freedom from fear of unwanted pregnancies; better health for too frequent pregnancies are major cause of anemia and ill-health and she can have more time to care for each member of the family.

-> They can have a happier home; more love and care; better food; better health; better education and better chance of a good job in the future. Contraception
• It is the conscious regulation of pregnancy by a couple who have regular sex relations. • Not used to destroy new life
• Prevention of conception (meeting of egg cell and sperm cell) Methods
The Pill
• Combination of synthetic hormones.
• Prevents the ovary from releasing egg cell
• Usual schedule is 1 pill a day for 20 or 21 consecutive days each month, beginning 5 days after the menstrual period • Variation of the 21-pill schedule will result to danger in pregnancy • Must consult a doctor in using pills

• Possible hazard as the risk of death
• Side effects : Tenderness and swelling of breast
: Weight gain and retention of fluid : Nausea
: Headaches
: Depression
: Nervousness and Irritability
: Bleeding
The Intra-uterine Device or IUD
• Inserted at the womb by a trained physician

• Not effective as the pill, but also prevents pregnancy

• Many women have to remove IUD because of bleeding and pain

• According to Ehrlicks, the IUD in its present stage or development is probably most suitable for woman over 30 who have completed their families; they are least likely to have a birth control failure, to have problems or to expel the IUD The Diaphragm

• Cup-shaped device made of rubber, inserted before intercourse • Used with vaginal cream or jelly
• Placed in the vagina to cover the entrance to the womb • It must be properly inserted so as to prevent sperms from passing into the womb • The doctor will show how to insert it
• Return to doctor at least every 2 years and after each pregnancy, to have the diaphragm checked for size The Condom
• A thin sheath or cover made of rubber
• Worn over the penis during sexual intercourse
• Catches and holds the sperm so they cannot enter the vagina and fertilize an egg cell • Failures may be due to tearing of the condom or to its slipping off during the sex act. • Prescription in not required.

Chemical Method
• Chemical preparations such as vaginal foam, jelly, cream, suppository, or tablet • Acts in the vagina by coating the surfaces and the entrance to the womb • Destroys the sperm cells and may act as mechanical barrier as well • With or without prescription

• Only method that the Catholic church approves of
• “Periodic abstention”
• A plan of avoiding sexual intercourse during the fertile period just before and after an egg has been produced in her body • Most women release an egg cell about...
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