Arrangement Essay on Birth Control

Topics: Birth control, Catholic Church, Roman Catholic Church Pages: 2 (412 words) Published: May 12, 2011
Birth Control Denise Acosta

The controversy of birth control revolves around an issue that has confused our morality for years passed. Through countless instances man has tried to separate the sexual act from that of reproduction and following childbearing. However, the essence of choosing acceptably lies not only within our morality, but additionally in our power to overcome through the pressure that exists in today world. Therefore our morality, coupled with society constraint, blind us from competently electing the appropriate path towards guiding us in living a morally and reasoned out Christian life. Yet, birth control continues to struggle during a period where people of the world neglect to examine their own actions and accepting the fact that personal dealings seem to reflect their true inner beliefs. Nonetheless, the issue of birth control initiates various psychoanalytical feelings and opinions about life that bring a negative connotation towards the overall perception of vitality.

The use of birth control emphasizes decisions and interpretation of events that arise sometimes without warning which are governed by our desires. Through this our human nature must comprehend the problem, take action upon it, and therefore take a stand that might occasionally conflict with our personal beliefs. Yet, while this might deepen the guilt that purges onto us through these times of hardship, choosing the Christian course of actions furthers our deepest desires in pleasing God, the people around us, and eventually ourselves. This essay will encompass a variety of viewpoints concerning the topic of birth control, the legitimacy of particular birth controls, and the controversial topic it brings regarding the Roman Catholic Church. Order of Points to be discussed .Facts for the Church argument of Natural Family Planning Natural Family Planning “How it works, the process, the basis for the Church teaching

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