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Topics: Carboniferous, Ordovician, Gondwana Pages: 7 (1091 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Chapter 11
The first Paleozoic orogeny to occur in the Cordilleran mobile belt was the: | c. Antler | |

Extensive cratonic black shales were deposited during what two periods? | d. Late Devonian-Early Mississippian | |

The main economic deposit of a cyclothem is:
| a. coal | |

During the Late Kaskaskia (Cratonic Sequence 3), what type of deposition predominated on the craton? | e. carbonates | |

Which orogeny was not part of the closing of the Iapetus Ocean | b. Antler | |

Rhythmically repetitive sedimentary sequences of alternating marine and terrestrial sediments are: | c. cyclothems | |

During which period did extensive continental glaciation of the Gondwana continent occur? | d. Carboniferous | |

The European counterpart of the Catskill Delta is the:
| c. Old Red Sandstone | |

Uplift in the southwestern part of the craton during the Late Absaroka resulted in which mountainous region? | c. Ancestral Rockies | |

Weathering of which highlands produced the Catskill Delta clastic wedge? | b. Acadian | |

Cyclothems are characteristic of which Paleozoic Period?
| d. Pennsylvanian | |

In what two areas can Late Paleozoic barrier reefs be found? | c. Western Canada and Texas-New Mexico | |

The three orogenies of the Devonian were:
| c. Acadian, Antler, Ellesmere | |

Cratonic Sequence 3 (Kaskaskia) can be identified by the presence of the basal: | b. Oriskany Sandstone in New York State | |

The most useful criteria to distinguish deposits of Cratonic Sequence 3 (Kaskaskia) from Cratonic Sequence 2 (Tippecanoe) on the craton would include: | a. fossil assemblages | |
| b. stratigraphic position | |

Devonian reef complexes in western Canada are important because they: | a. are important hydrocarbon reservoirs | |
| b. formed barriers which resulted in potash rich evaporite deposits | | | c. are important paleoclimatic indicators | |

Mississippian carbonate sequences are characterized by all but which of the following: | e. trilobites | |

Cyclothems represent:
| d. transgressive and regressive sequences | |

The Ouachita system changed in terms of style of sedimentation from a passive margin to an active margin in the: | d. Early Mississippian | |

At the end of the Permian, the suture between Gondwana and Laurasia was marked by a continuous moutain chain in which three mobile belts? | d. Ouachita, Appalachian, Hercynian | |

Chapter 12&13

In which period were amphibians and seedless vascular plants most abundant? | b. Pennsylvanian | |

Based on similarity of embryo development, which invertebrate phylum is most closely allied with the chordates? | a. Echinodermata | |

The greatest recorded mass extinction on Earth occurred at the end of what period? | d. Permian | |

The fossils of the Burgess Shale are significant because they provide a rare glimpse of: | b. the soft-part anatomy of extinct groups | |
| c. soft-bodied animals | |

What type of invertebrates dominated the Ordovician invertebrate community? | d. epifaunal benthonic sessile suspension feeders | |

The first organisms to construct reeflike structures were:
| b. archaeocyathids | |

Which of the following organisms is an example of an epifaunal benthonic suspension feeder? | d. articulate brachiopod | |

The major organic-walled phytoplankton group of the Paleozoic Era was: | a. Acritarchs | |

An exoskeleton is advantageous because it:
| a. prevents drying out in an intertidal environment | | | b. provides protection against ultraviolet radiation | | | c. provides protection against predators | |
| d. provides attachment sites for development of strong muscles | | | | |
Which plant group first successfully invaded land?
| a. seedless vascular | |

Ostracoderms are
| a....
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