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Please provide short answers to the following questions:

1. How do agricultural activities affect the quality of the environment? Please provide three examples in your answer. (up to 6 lines) Fertilizers & pesticides and destruction of habitats have caused a major extinction event, lowering global biodiversity and changing ecology. Farming contributes to air & water pollution and is responsible for app. 9% of greenhouse gas emissions. For example, in the Nile basin, water diversion for irrigation caused fish species to be extinct or endangered; Lake Chad shrank from 25.000 sq.km. to 2.000; in the Gulf of Mexico a "dead zone" was formed, due to the Mississippi Delta agricultural runoff.

2. What is the significance of urban agriculture in meeting world food requirements? (up to 8 lines) The world's population is becoming increasingly urban and this trend is especially pronounced in countries under development. Valuable agricultural lands are being lost due to urban expansion. Urban agriculture can meet a percentage of metropolitan urban dwellers' food needs within urban areas and the UN's Food and Agricultural Organization FAO estimates that 200 million urban farmers supply food to 700 million people. There are plenty of initiatives of urban agriculture (eg Berlin, London, New York city, that need to be promoted and protected. Attention is necessary for dangers from contaminated water or sewage.

3. Which agricultural activities cause water pollution and what are the difficulties in controlling...
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