Exam #2 Notes

Topics: Opinion poll, Mass media, Sociology Pages: 3 (879 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Exam #2 Overview

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What is public opinion? What is political socialization? Agents of Political Socialization. Does variables such as income, education, race, gender, and ethnicity, create differences in public opinion in America? If so, how so? Provide examples. What is ideology? What are some of the views of liberals and conservatives? What is a public opinion poll? A sample? Random digit dialing? What is a poll push? What is political efficacy? What three media sources are dominant in terms of how Americans get their news? Of the three, which one is more heavily regulated than the others and why? Which of the three has the least protection under the 1st Amendment? What is the FCC? According to your textbook, are publishers today concerned with informing people about the news, perpetuating a bias, or with business operations and profits? What does the right of rebuttal mean? Be able to discuss what is meant by nationalization of the news and consequences. What factors affect media coverage?What does agenda setting, framing, and priming mean? Provide examples.| * Public Opinion: the citizen’s attitudes about political issues, leaders, institutions, and events. * Political Socialization: the process by which people learn political beliefs and values. * Agents of political socialization include: * Family- parents help shape one’s political views. Studies show that if their parents were Democrats, children are likely to vote for Democrats. If parents were Republicans, children will support Republican Party. * Social Groups- includes those to which individuals belong involuntarily (i.e.: gender, race) or voluntarily (i.e.: political parties, labor unions, and educational or occupational groups). * Differences in Education- school is an agent of socialization and ideas of liberty, equality, and democracy are often learned in school. * Political Conditions- conditions under which individuals and groups are...
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