Study Questions Chapter 4

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  • Published : July 10, 2012
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Chapter 4 Case Study Questions
REI Climbs the Web Mountain
1. Create a simple logical design and physical design for
A simple logical design for would include the following concepts: HTTP requests and other data from a customer’s client computer that travels to Web servers, application servers, and data servers which displays specific Web pages in response to those requests. When the customer’s order is submitted, it is then forward to an order-processing application database server, which interfaces with a backend system that provides fulfillment, inventory, and product SKU information.

A physical design would consist of the mainframe legacy system and also the IBM AS/400 server that provides the fulfillment, inventory, and product SKU information in the backend layer. These 2 backend systems interface with the order processing application database server. Then in return this interfaces with the middle layer of Web servers, application servers, and database servers. On the front end are the client computers and a Web enabled kiosk and cash register system that allows customers and employers to access REI’s sites on the web. 2. REI’s key success-

One of the reasons was the planning of their web site and the design they used. The design clearly defines their system functionalities, information requirements, the system’s design specifications, and business objectives. When they decided to upgrade an e-commerce suite was chosen, and this let them retain all of the custom coding they had already developed to connect them to the online store, and to the legacy system. This then would decrease the amount of custom coding they would do in the future. Their web site has brought a big percentage of new customers and so the online store has increased the average sale per customer.

3. Rate REI’s web site:
A. Functionality: 9-10: The pages load quickly. The table of contents is simple to locate products. And the search engine quickly provided...
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