Exam 1

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1. Which of the following will not retain data after the computer is turned off?

a. DVD
*b. RAM
c. ROM
d. hard drive

2. These computers are refrigerator-sized machines, and are commonly found in various departments throughout large companies.

*a. minicomputer
b. mainframe computer
c. supercomputer
d. microcomputer

3. Name the program that coordinates computer resources, provides an interface between users and the computer, and runs applications?

a. systems software
*b. operating systems
c. application software
d. device driver

4. Jane works in a company where she is involved in the development and maintenance of Web sites and resources. Which word would best describe her job role?

a. Systems analyst
b. Technical writer
*c. Webmaster
d. Network administrator

5. Which of the following is not an example of a document file?

*a. spreadsheet
b. memo
c. letter
d. term paper

6. What are the two major software types?

a. System analysis and Datawarehousing
b. Operating and utilities
*c. System and application
d. Database management and application

7. The capability of your microcomputer to share information with other computers is referred to as

a. the wireless revolution
b. system memory
c. computer competency
*d. connectivity

8. Hilda is looking for a system that combines pen input, writing recognition, personal organizational tools, and communications capabilities in a very small package. Which among the following devices would meet these requirements?

a. laptop computer
b. PDA
*c. palm computer
d. tablet PC

9. Which of the following is not a required part of an information system?

a. people
b. procedures
*c. Internet
d. data

10. "Background" software that allows the computers to work is called

a. shareware
b. application software
c. desktop
*d. system software

11. Systems software includes all of the following except

a. operating systems
b. device drivers
c. utilities
*d. desktop publishing

12. Unwanted e-email such as advertisements are categorized as spam-email. Estimate the number of spam-emails Americans receive every year.

a. 100 billion
*b. 200 billion
c. 3 billion
d. 4 billion

13. Mark works in the marketing division of a company the manufactures microprocessors for computers. The head of his division has asked him to send him an email with predictions for the following year company sales. What type of a software is he most likely to use?

a. database
*b. worksheet
c. presentation
d. document

14. The most widely used handheld computer would be a

a. laptop computer
*b. PDA
c. palm computer
d. tablet PC

15. Programs designed to perform specific tasks related to managing computer resources are called

a. system software
b. operating system
c. application software
*d. utilities

16. This computer component holds processed information before it is output.

*a. RAM
b. ROM
c. bus
d. ports

17. The physical equipment that processes data in order to create information is called the

a. typology
b. compiler
*c. hardware
d. software

18. The most widely used communication device is

a. a personal computer
b. the Internet
c. a telephone line
*d. a modem

19. A storage device that consists of rigid metallic platters used to store programs and very large data files is called a(n)

a. floppy disk
b. optical disk
c. DVD
*d. hard...
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