Ethernet and Token Ring

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  • Published : July 8, 2012
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CheckPoint: Ethernet and Token Ring STUDENT IT/242
November 10, 2011
Philippe Rowland

CheckPoint: Ethernet and Token Ring Network

Saguaro Federal should use the Token Ring protocol for their banks and businesses. This is appropriate because the physical topology of the token ring is a star, but the logical topology is a ring. In Token Ring LAN’s each station is connected to a wiring concentrator called a multistation access unit (MAU) using UTP or STP. Like Ethernet hubs, MAUs are located in a wiring closet. The access method used on a Token Ring is called token passing. A network device only communicates over the network when it has the token. A token is a special data packet that is generated by the first computer that comes online in a token ring network this token is passed from one station to another around the ring, when a station gets a free station and summits a packet it travels around the ring in one direction passing all the other stations along the way.XYZ Technology Consultants should use the Ethernet protocol for their offices located on the second, third, and fourth floors of their office building. Ethernet is the most widely used LAN technology because of its speed, reliability, price, and ease of installation. All popular operating systems and applications are Ethernet compatible, as are upper layer protocol stacks such as IPX, TCP/IP, and NetBEUI. Newer and faster Ethernet standards combined with switches have significantly increased the performance of networks. Ethernet networks can be configured in either a star topology using UTP connected to a hub or a bus topology using a coaxial cable acting as a backbone. When a computer wants to send data over the network, it will listen to see if there is any traffic on the network, if it is clear, it will then broadcast. Wide Area Networks, by Patrick Regan. Published by...
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