Computer Network and Dynamic Routing Protocols

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Chapter 7

1.What’s a routing table? Keeps track of the routes to use for forwarding datat to its destination

2. What is the most common static route used in a host computer? Default gateway

3. What command is used to view a PC computer's routing table? Netstat –r /route prints

4. What is meant by a O.O.O.O network address entry with a subnet mask of 0.0. 0.0. in a PC's routing table? Default route

5. What is the IP address and what is it used for?loopback, the data is routed directly back to the source 14. What is the difference between a static and a dynamic routing protocol?Static routing protocol is of limited use for campuswide network routing but is essential when configuring the default route on router but dynamic routing protocols enable the router’s routingtable to be dynamically updated toaccount for loss or canges in routes or changes in data traffic.

15. What are the four key issues in dynamic routing protocols?Path determination, Metric, Convergence, Load Balancing

16. Define hop count.The number of routers the data packet must pass through to reach the destination network

17. Which of the following is not a metric used in dynamic routing protocols a. Hop count
b. Cost
c. Runs
d. Ticks

18. A distance vector protocol typically uses what as the metric? Hop couints

22. Link state protocols issue what to update neighbor routers regarding route status?
a. Hop status
b. Link state advertisements
c. "Hello" packets
d. Adjacencies

23. Which of the following are key issues of link state protocols? a. Send updates every 90 seconds
b. Send update when routing changes
c. Use link lights to establish adjacencies
d. Use a hop count metric to determine the best route to a destination

Section 7-4

24. RIP is classified as a
a. Distance vector protocol
b. Dynamic routing protocol
c. Link state protocol
d. a andc
e. a andb
f. b arid c

25. Define routing loops. Data is forwarded back to the router that sent the data packets

26. Which of the following are examples of classful addresses? a.
90. You are configuring a router connection to a remote network. What protocol would you select if there is only one network route to the remote network? Explain why you selected the protocol.

91. You are configuring the routing protocols for a small network. What routing protocol would you select and why?

Chapter 8
2. What is the data rate of a Tl line? 1.544 Mbps
6. Explain the difference between line of demarcation and point of presence. The point of presence point where the customer connects the network data traffic to the communications carriers but the line or demarcation point where ownership of the communications equipment changes from the 10. What is B8ZS and how does it work?Bipolar 8 zero substitution,bipolar a pulse is intentionally sent in the data stream even if the data being transmitted is a series of all 0s. 14. Draw a picture of a point-to-point connection to the Frame Relay cloud.

18. A telco provides a dlci number of 150 for a Frame Relay connection. List the router command to configure the assigned dIci number. frame-relay interface-dlci 150

22. What is VPI used for?to identify the virtual circuits used to deliver cells in the ATM network. 26. What are the data speeds for V.44/V.34 and V.92/V.90? V.44/V.34 speed is 33.6 kbps and V.92/V.90 speed is 56kbps. 30. Define discrete multitone. A multicarrier technique used to transport digital data over copper telephone lines. 34. Draw a sketch of the encapsulation of a VPN data packet. Show the IP source and destination address and the VPN tunnel source and destination address encapsulated with the IP packet.

38.What router command can be used to check to see whether tunneling has been configured on a router? sh int tunnel 0

42.What is the purpose of a wide area network connection? The purpose of wide area network to typically...
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