Erouting Eigrp Pt Practice Sba

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  • Published : February 25, 2013
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ERouting EIGRP PT Practice SBA
A few things to keep in mind while completing this activity: 1. Do not use the browser Back button or close or reload any Exam windows during the exam. 2. Do not close Packet Tracer when you are done. It will close automatically. 3. Click the Submit Assessment button to submit your work. Introduction

In this Packet Tracer Practice Skills-based Assessment, you will: * complete the configuration of a partially configured network * establish connectivity to the West Region and the Internet through the use of static and dynamic routing * verify connectivity

Addressing Table
Device| Interface| Address| Subnet Mask| Default Gateway| EastHQ| S0/0/0|  |  | N/A|
| S0/0/1|  |  | N/A|
| S0/1/0|  |  | N/A|
| S0/1/1|  |  | N/A|
E-Branch1| Fa0/0||| N/A|
| Fa0/1||| N/A|
| S0/0/0||| N/A|
| S0/0/1||| N/A|
E-Branch2| Fa0/0||| N/A|
| Fa0/1||| N/A|
| S0/0/0||| N/A|
| S0/0/1||| N/A|
EPC1| NIC||||
EPC2| NIC|  |  |  |
EPC3| NIC||||
EPC4| NIC|  |  |  |
NetAdmin| NIC|||| Note: The password for user EXEC mode is cisco. The password for privileged EXEC mode is class. Step 1: Configure the Device Basics.

Note: Initially, you can only access router E-Branch2 through the console connection on NetAdmin. a.     Configure the following on E-Branch2:
         The router name is EB2.
         The privileged EXEC mode uses the following encrypted password: class.          Enable Telnet and console line logins and use the following password: cisco.          Configure...
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