Enviromental Law Outline

Topics: United States Environmental Protection Agency, Clean Water Act, Water pollution Pages: 115 (30920 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Topic 1: Common Law & Environmental Harm: Nuisance5

§1.01: Private Nuisance5
[1]Definition of Private Nuisance5
[2]General Rule5
[3]Unreasonableness of Intentional Invasion5
[4]Gravity of Harm Factors5
[5]Utility of Conduct versus Gravity6
[6]Important Historical Nuisance Cases6
[7]Nonpoint Source Groundwater Pollution7
[8]Coase Theorem7
§1.02: Public Nuisance7
[1]Definition and Overview of Public Nuisance7
[2]Who Can Recover from a Public Nuisance7
[3]Sovereign Actions in Public Nuisance8
[4]Public Nuisance Hypo8

Topic 2: The Regulatory Process9

§2.01: The Regulatory Process9
[1]Law, Policy, and Decision Making9
[2]Rulemaking Procedures9
[3]Judicial Review of Rulemaking10
[1]Chevron Test12

Topic 3: Command and Control Clean Water Act (CWA)13

§3.01: CWA: Scope of Federal Authority13
[1]The Structure of the Clean Water Act13
[2]Principal Types of Pollution Control Regulations Mandated by the CWA14 [3]The Scope of Federal Authority to Regulate Water Pollution.14 §3.02: National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES): Point Sources19 [1]Regulation of Discharges from Point Sources19

[2]Defining the “Addition of Any Pollutant”19
[3]Discharge of a Pollutant: Water Transfers and the Miccosukee Case21 [4]What is a Point Source?22
§3.03: NPDES: Effluent Limits23
[1]The development & structure of Effluent limitations23 [2]Effluent Standards for Toxic Water Pollutants24
[3]POTWS and the Pretreatment Program25
§3.04: NPDES: Applying Water Quality Standards, Nonpoint Sources25 [1]Water Quality Standards25
[2]Water Quality Standard Components26
[3]The Impact of Water Quality Standards on Permit Limits27 [4]Application of Water Quality Standards to Interstate Pollution27 [5]Total Maximum Daily Loadings (TMDLs)29

Topic 4: Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)32

§4.01: RCRA: Overview32
[1]Statutory Authorities Affecting Waste Management32
[2]RCRA Overview32
[3]Structure of RCRA32
§4.02: RCRA: Solid Waste33
[1]What Substances are Solid Wastes?33
[2]Five Categories of Secondary Materials that may constitute waste:34 [3]These secondary materials constitute solid waste when they are34 §4.03: RCRA: Hazardous Waste34
[1]Identifying Hazardous Waste35
[2]Incinerator Ash and the Household Waste Exclusion35

Topic 5: Alternatives to Command and Control39

§ 5.01: Evaluating the Oil Pollution Act after the BP Spill39 [1]Regulation and its Alternatives39
[2]Efficiency of Liability Factors39
[3]Case Study Oil Spills39
[4]Provisions of the Oil Pollution Prevention, Response, Liability, and Compensation Act39

Topic 6: Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA)40

§6.01: CERCLA: Owners & Operators40
[1]Principal Provisions of CERCLA40
[2]CERCLA’s Basic Principles40
[3]Liability Provisions of CERCLA41
[4]Responsible Parties: Owners42
[5]Responsible Parties: Operators43
§6.02: CERCLA: Arranger + Strict, Joint & Several Liability44 [1]Responsible Parties: Arrangers44
[2]Shrinking the net of CERCLA Liability45
[3]Strict, Joint and Several Liability45
§6.03: CERCLA: Remedy Selection and Natural Resource Damages45 [1]Standards and Costs of Removal and Remediation45
§6.04: CERCLA: Allocation46
[1]Allocation of Liability46
[2]Gore Factors from Vertac:48

Topic 7: Market Mechanisms Clean Air Act (CAA)49

§7.01: CAA: Overview49
[1]Basic Principles49
[2]Major Provisions of the Clean Air Act49
§7.02: CAA: National Ambient Air Quality Standards50
[1]Establishing NAAQSs50
[2]Revising NAAQSs51
§7.03: CAA: Cooperative...
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