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Buyer seller
Intent – No filters

Feel at ease, real conversation
Breaking tonality – challenge X
Dont sell, buy – all like you
Win over, u deserve
Who more reactive, care more about conver
Man to woman
Open everywhere
Dont pull in, draw in
Bambi eyes
Not makeoutguy, roller coaster to sex
Let her qualify to u, dont promote urself
Give her opp to leave, window of investment
Make her chase! Not talking investement but emotional investment Selfamusement
Examining frame: Oh good, interesting
Hold the tension
If does not work, point arrow to self
Dont let her lead convo, take over!
Makeout only when look at lips
Start frame from start
Get close! Create bubble around u
Mixed set – who are those people
Dont force state
First 2 hours – momentum, pull at end of night
Draw state within
What if? Refrence experience
Make her snap out of it
Make yourself happy not her
Dont wait for response, say what shes gonna say
U and her, use conspiracy
Emotional wittiness
Subcommunication: lead, not chase
Celebrate you with you
Big Happy Baby

Im such an asshole for pulling you away, Your friends hate me(shake friend hand) This is the most awkward high ive had

I may be easy but im not sleazy
Overcompensate for my shyness
STFU i am nicest guy u will met
Fine treat me like a piece of trash
Im letting you speak
Youre mine, I live in my moms basement, I am a predator
If we had a child it would explode
Why do you hate me
Can I talk to you for a sec
SO weird!Racist!
I will kill myself
Nice top, I fucknig hate it, nah I love it
A real kiss
Look me in the eye, feel amazed
Lonely pinnochio
I Dont know you, thats what makes it better
I wont tell him
Baby why we fighting, I fucking hate you, die just die, I love you Im still evaluating
RAS – What do you think of me, what can you tell about my personality I have a bf, lets hang out as friendsw
Do u hate me? Yea really? Do u hate me? Yea at...
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