English 11/12 Literature

Topics: John Donne, To His Coy Mistress, Holy Sonnets Pages: 12 (3169 words) Published: August 18, 2012
Metaphysical Test.

1.What is the message of “Holy Sonnet 10”?
a.Death can never triumph because faith grants eternal life.

2.Holy sonnet 10 can be considered a metaphysical conceit because a.An idea is debated by likening it to an arrogant but finally powerless tyrant. 3.What is seemingly contradictory phrase” death, thou shalt die” actually true within the context of “holy sonnet 10” a.After death, a Christian awakes to eternal life.

4.Which of the following pairs are the subjects of John Donne’s Song? a.Love and death

5.in John Donne’s song, the lines “Yesternight the sun went hence, and yet is here today are an example of a a.paradox

6.which of the following is the best interpretation of these lines from John Donne’s “song” when thou wep`st, unkindly kind, my life’s blood doth decay a.You cry because you love me but your tears make me suffer.

7.which of the following excerpts from “ A valediction: Forbidding mourning “ is the best example of a metaphysical conceit” a.If they be two, they are two so, as stiff twin compasses are two, they soul the fixed foot, makes me show, but doth, if Th`other do.”

8.In “A valediction” forbidding mourning” what do you recognize to be the speaker’s motivation in the following lines? “Our two souls therefore, which are one, though I must go, endure not yet, a breach, but an expansion. a.To assure his beloved that the distance will make their love grow.

9.what can you infer from these final lines of the compass comparison that ends “ a valediction: forbidding mourning” thy firmness makes my circle just and makes me end where I begun a.The speaker and his lover are bound, though they may be apart.

10.in “mediation 17” god is presented as being analogous to a.a publisher

11.Which of the following excerpts from “mediation 17” expresses the major theme of the poem? a.“Any man’s death diminishes me because I am involved in mankind...”

12.In “mediation 7” what is meant by the statement “when one man dies, one chapter is not torn out of the book, but translated into a better language...” a.When we die, we do not cease to exist but instead achieve eternal life.

13.what conclusion can you draw about the speaker’s motive for writing “meditation 17” a.The speaker wants to convey the importance of suffering a death in the spiritual experience.

14.According to the argument Donne puts forth in “Mediation 17”, how can one be affected by another’s death? a.Human beings are necessarily involved with one another.

15.What is the theme of “on my first son”?
a.The depth of a child.

16.What is the speaker expressing in these lines from “on my first son”? …For why/will man lament the state he should envy? To have so soon scaped world’s and flesh’s rage and if no other misery, yet age? a.Confusion and anger about the value of life.

17.In “on my first son” what is the “best piece of poetry” referred to in the lines...”say here doth lie/ben jonson his best piece of poetry”? a.Johnson’s son

18.an epigram is characterized by
a.Permanence, brevity, clarity & wit.

19.Which of the following epitaphs can be considered epigrammatic? a.First in war, first in peace, first in the hearts of his countrymen

20.the theme of “song” to Celia is the
a.Sensuous pleasures of love.

21.Johnson’s probable purpose in writing “song to Celia” was to a.Depict an amorous courtship.

22.which of the following best describes the speaker’s view of Celia in “song to Celia” a.Idealistic.

23.What is the speaker saying in the following passage?
Or leave a kiss but in the cup, and I’ll not look for wine. The thirst that from the soul doth rise, doth ask a drink divine, but might I of Jove’s nectar sup, I would not change for thine. a.He would not trade the kiss his lady left in the cup for the nectar of Jove.

24.The thirst that the speaker refers to in the passage “ the thirst that...
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