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Elevator Technology
Where it’s been. Where it’s going.

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Elevator Technology

Learning objectives:
● Elevator history ● Conventional elevator technology ● Technological advances ● MRL cost & space savings, and sustainability benefits ● Future trends

Elevator Technology


1.37 billion
people ride on elevators each day.

“The biggest assets of companies go up and down elevators every day.” – Famous adage

Elevator Technology

Why is elevator knowledge important to you?
Because it is essential to ensure efficient people flow in the buildings architects design.

Elevator Technology

Elevator history

Elevator Technology

The first elevator may have been built by Archimedes in 236 B.C.

Elevator Technology

A treadmill hoisting machine, powered by donkeys, appeared in 1203.

Elevator Technology

In 1823, an “ascending room” provided paying visitors with a wonderful view of London. Elevator Technology

Primitive steam-powered cable and hydraulic elevators appeared around 1850. Elevator Technology

400' and above.













Hydraulic Elevators

Geared Traction Elevators

Gearless Traction Elevators

Elevator Technology 1950 – mid 1990s

Elevator Technology

Conventional Elevator Technology

Elevator Technology

Hydraulic Applications

Three configurations: 1) Direct Plunger ● Holed 2) Roped Plunger ● Roped ● Underslung 3) Holeless (not pictured) Elevator Technology

Traction Applications

Traction Configurations 1)Overhead 2) Basement 3) Underslung

Elevator Technology

Hydraulic vs. Traction
Advantages: ● Cost less to install ● Shorter lead-times ● No reactions at the top of the structure

Drawbacks: ● Higher noise level ● Slow speeds ● Poor ride quality ● High energy consumption ● Environmental concerns – significant use of hydraulic oil

Elevator Technology

Traction vs. Hydraulic

Advantages: ● Higher speeds ● Greater rise ● Smoother ride quality

Drawbacks: ● Higher installation cost ● Longer lead times ● Longer installation ● Significant loads on top of structure ● Penthouse requirements ● Critical path

Elevator Technology

A Technological Breakthrough in 1996
Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM)
● Saves energy ● Eliminates traditional machine room ● Eliminates hydraulic oil ● Simplifies installation ● Sustainable ownership

Elevator Technology

Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) and Variable Voltage, Variable Frequency Drive (VVVF)

● Reduces motor size and weight ● Reduces energy consumption and heat output ● New motor/drive technology enabled the creation of “Machine Room-Less (MRL) elevator solutions.

Elevator Technology

Saving Energy
● AC Gearless PMSM Technology - +93% efficient - 50-70% less energy than traditional traction or hydraulic machine technology - 6.7 hp vs. 40-60 hp ● Reduced Starting Current Demand - 30-40% less energy than traditional hydraulic or traction

Elevator Technology

Savings Comparison - Traction
Commercial Elevator, seven landings, 60’ of rise, $0.15 kWh annual energy savings ● Traditional Geared - 32,919 kWh/year - $4,938 a year ● PMSM Technology - 14,476 kWh/year - $2,171 a year Assuming a useful life of 30 years, that’s a lifetime savings of $83,010 – enough for a new Lexus LX 570 SUV

Elevator Technology

Savings Comparison - Hydraulic
Commercial Elevator, five...
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