Elements of Safety

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Elements of Safety
Management & System
Subhadip Manna

1. What are the Regulatory Agencies/Authorities having control over petroleum Industry?

Following is the list of various regulatory/statutory agencies having jurisdiction over the petroleum industry.
Central Pollution Control Board ( CPCB), under the Minist ry of Environment and Forest Respective State Pollution Control Board, under the Ministry of Environment and Forest of The State
Chief Inspector of Factories Of The Respective State (CIF), Under The Ministry Of Labor Chief Controller Of Explosives (CCE) , Ministry of Heavy Industry, Dept. of Explosives Director General of Civil Aviation ( DGCA) ,under The Ministry of Civil Aviation, National Air Port Authority Of India

Tariff Advisory Committee (TAC), Under the Association of Indian Companies Bhaba Atomic Energy Commission (BARC), Under Ministry of Atomic Energy Director General Mines Safety (DGMS), under the Ministry of Mines Regional Transport Authority (RTA) under the Ministry of Surface Transport Director General Of Dock Safety (DGDS), under The Ministr y of Shipping International Maritime Organization (IMO), under United Nations Oil industry safety directorate (OISD), under the ministry of petroleum and natural gas 2. What are the limitations of regularity agencies in India?

Needless to say those over the years the regulatory agencies have STARTED playing a significant contribution in the promotion of industrial safety in the petroleum industry in India. With due respects to their role, it may be worthwhile to look into some of the inherent limitations of these agencies.

And this is the most important reason why organizations should have (voluntary) their own Self-discipline and regulations to have a higher -level of safety standards. Some limitations are:
1. Minimum Requirements

Most of the regulatory agencies lay down rules / regulations which are the minimum basic requirements that are very important in the safe design and operation of industrial units. They do not go into details of so many other requirements pertaining to safe management of an installation.

For example, safe and sound Engineering practices are equally important but are not addressed in these requirements.
2. Change is Slow

A lot of scientific developments are taking place in every field. Technological developments and social awareness bring in new problems and challenges to the industry. Adequate protection of society against new technological hazards would depend upon the speed with which these regulatory agencies /industries can identify the new problems and revise the rules.

Since these Regulatory agencies cover a wide spectrum of industries and any amendment in the act, has to go through a lengthy legislative procedure, the statutory and law enforcing agencies are generally slow in updating their rules and requirements to keep pace with technological and social changes.

Some of the requirements set forth in the r egulations long ago may not be relevant in the present context.

Subhadip Manna (MTech HSE) 2012-2014

Petroleum Rules were last revised in 1976. Environment Protection Act came into being only in 1986.
The Indian Electricity Rules and Indian Boiler Regulations have not seen any revision for more than 15 years.

3Lack of Infrastructure

3. a. What is HSE Policy?
b. What are the general elements of a HSE Policy which can be suitably modified to me et specific requirements?
Part a

Every organization must have a written policy on health, safety and environment signed by the Head of the organization with date.

The copies of this policy should be displayed at prominent places in the organization so that everybody is familiar with its contents/intentions.

Subhadip Manna (MTech HSE) 2012-2014

Some organizations ensure that every employee receives a copy of its HSE policy. HSE policy...
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