Topics: Rainforest, Tropical rainforest, Tree Pages: 1 (292 words) Published: March 22, 2013
As I traveled through the Tropical Rainforest I Have discovered a new species that I call Gribbles. They are based on the creature’s Gremlins. They are small animals no bigger than 6 in as an adult. They travel through flight and they reach the adult weight of 4 pounds. I followed this creature to study its behavioral and structural adaptations, I discovered that this creature has very slimy skin so it doesn’t get dehydrated like most plants and animals in the rainforeat.The gribbles have large black eyes to observe water.They also have very large ears for listening for very small noises because the rainforest is so expanded. The gribbles have extra nostrils to smell for poisonous plants and bugs. Gribbles have wings to escape the water that gets too high for its little 6in body. Their 6 in bodies keep them from being miaken as a plant or tree. They also have long tails to reach the very high objects. Three behavioral adaptions in a gribble are being able to change colors to protect its self from the birds that prey on the gribbles. They can also wrap there tail around a high tree and cuddle with it to sleep. Last but not least Gribbles pee right where they are when they get scared. The reason my critter is still alive today is because of the salamador.When the salamanders were becoming extinct the gribbles were beginning to be born; I guess one salamander was evolving in to a gribble and gave birth to our little friend here. He belongs to the species of gribbles, he lives in a tropical rain forest, he produces camouflage, sleeps on trees and he pees when he’s scared…and his name is Manny.
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