Topics: Narrative, Deixis, Fiction Pages: 3 (531 words) Published: March 2, 2013
Deixis, Cognition and the Construction of Viewpoint
Ambros, Regine; Carino, Myla; Gesell, Charmaine Erika; Lucas, Marjorie;
Lucyao, Jacqueline; Perez, Mary Ann Joy; Pulon, Aisha

A. Narrative Point of View
> It is from a character’s point of view that events are described even though the story is told by a third person. >

Proposed Taxonomies:
* Paul Simpson’s Taxonomy (1993)
=He distinguishes what he terms:
* Category A Narratives= narrated by a first-person narrator who is a participant in the story he/she is telling. * Category B Narratives= narrated by a third-person narrator either from inside or outside a particular character’s consciousness. =His taxonomy pays attention to the concept of modality, with each of his categories of narration displaying different types and degrees of modality, accounting for specific viewpoint effects. Categories: Taxonomies of Viewpoint

* Perceptual and Conceptual point of view (Chatman;1990)

* Spatio-temporal and Ideological viewpoint (Roger Fowler; 1986) =covers the difference between:
* Literal Viewpoint= what someone is able to physically see. * Metaphorical Viewpoint= (e.i. someone’s opinion)

B. Encoding point of View in Language
* Third-Person Narration= the narrator of the passage is not a character in the story he/ she is telling. * Omniscient= the narrator knows everything about the fictional world and the characters that he/she is describing, including those character’s thoughts and feelings. * Restricted= the narration is biased towards the characters point of view of the events described. LINGUISTIC INDICATORS OF VIEWPOINT BY MICK SHORT (1996)

* Verbs of Cognition in the Tex= readers are given information about the cognitive behavior of one character only. * Schema-Oriented...
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