Definitions-Chapter 1-10

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Exchange: two or more parties with a desire and ability to exchange and a way to communicate.

Marketing Mix:

Product Symbolism: what a product or brand means to consumers and what they experience when is using it.

Brand equity: intangible value, image or goodwill towards a brand

INdirect Channels: distribution through a network of whosalers or retailers

Direct channels: bring to consumers direcly through distribution means like the internet

Promotional Mix: advertising, direct makretin, internet marketing, sales promotion, public realtions, personel selling

Advertising: paid form of non personal communication about an something by a sponsor

Sales promotion: marketing that provides extra value or incentive to sales force, distributor or ultimate consumer and can influence behavior to stimulate sales. Consumer oriented and trade oriented (wholsalers)

Public realtions: management function which evlatues public attitudes, identifies public interest and executes action to ear public acceptance.

Publicity: non personal communication regarding an organization, procudt or service, not directly paid for or run under an idnefied sponsorship.

Direct Marketing: organistiona communicate directly with target audiences to generate a response or transaction.

Direct response advertisning: prduct promoted through an ad an ecrouges the prodct or service to be bought direct from manufatuer

Internet Marketing: Interactive Marketing: allow for two way cflow of imformation where users can partipate and modify iformation recived isnatly.

Persoanl selling: person to person in which seller attempts to assist or persuade prospectice buyer. Promotion: coordinating seller initatied effrots to set up channels of info and persuasion for goods or service.

Specialized marketing communication services: direct marketing agenices, sales promotion agenices, interactive agencies, PR frims. ...provide service in area of expertise.

Collateral services: firms that provide suverces used for advertisers…ex research deisng companies

Intergrated Marketign communication: strategic planning and intergration of permotional tools.

Unified communication for consistant message
Differinatiaed communications to multiple customer groups Database centered communiation for tangilble results
Forstera and maintating relationships though effective communication

IMC management: planning, excuting and evaluating, and controlling Proimotional mix

IMC plan: framework for developing, implementing and controlling IMC program

Chapter 2

Centralized system: advertising is placed alongside other marketing fuctions such as sales, marketing reaserch, product planning,. Used when they have few internal divisons or prcts

Advertising manager: manger responsible fro all promotional acctivites. Budgeting-sales promotions for all products. Does everyyhitng with everyone

Decnetralized system: militple systems with separate manufacturing research and development, sales makereting departmetns. Assign each product a brand manager.

Brand manager: repsonsisple for toatal management of the brand

In-house agency: ad agency that is set-up and own by adverter.

Outside agency:

Super agency: intergrated marketing and communiation services worldwide

Full-service agency: offers all servies
Copy writer:

Account exective: responsible for undersataing advertisers and interpreting needs to personnel.

Group ststyem: inviduals form each ddeparmetn within an agency work together

Departemenatl system: each depatemnt has an account executive

Crouetive boutique: only provides creative

Media buying services:

Commission system: percentage on cost of the ad run

Negotiatd commsion:

Chapter 3:

Consumer behavior: process of searching, purchasing, using, evalutaiong, and isposing ofr products to satisfy there...
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