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2.2 Explain how children and young peoples development is influenced by a range of external factors. Lack of finances - economic factor (parents may be unemployed) - The child will miss out on additional opportunities by not being able to attend after school activities such as swimming/music lessons, sports activities (tennis, football, gymnastics) or extra tuition. – Affecting social, emotional, physical, intellectual development.

Inadequate housing poverty - Poor housing conditions may affect the child’s health and chances of developing through play if they live in a small over crowded house. The house may have damp (mould) not enough finances to provide adequate heating in the winter months, which will affect the child’s health. Lack of or unsuitable furniture/equipment - The child may not have a proper bed or blankets this will affect the child’s health if they cannot get enough rest/sleep, no safety equipment for babies/young children – stair gate, plug socket covers etc… which could cause the baby/child to have accidents or come to physical harm.

Community social factor – Living in built up Inner city areas where there is antisocial or challenging behaviour within the community – parents may feel it is unsafe for their child to play in the community, the child may become involved through peer pressure to join the group/gang. There may not be sufficient local facilities for the parent to participate in activities with their child. The social infrastructure maybe lacking .e.g. play group’s, playgrounds, community halls where after school clubs are held.

Diet personal choices - Lack of finance may mean that the child is not being provided with a sufficiently healthy nutritional diet. Low income families may buy foods that are a lot cheaper such as processed foods, these foods have higher levels of fat, salt and sugar – this can lead to poor concentration, lack of energy, obesity and many health problems.

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