Critical Thinking

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  • Published : December 9, 2012
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General Summary Level 1
Chapter 1- Thinking

Summary: Successfully thinking enables us to solve problems we are continually confronted with to make intelligent decisions, and to achieve the goals that give our lives purpose and fulfillment. Creative thinking and critical thinking work as partners to produce productive and effective thinking, enabling us to make informed decisions and lead successful lives.

Organization of sections level 2

A) Living and ‘’ Examined’’ life
Living an examined is through thinking clearly and effectively. You have to develop and make full use of your thinking by becoming a true educator thinker to meet the challenges of the world. B) A roadmap to your mind.

Roadmap to your mind is guiding you by helping you to become a educated thinker by strengthen and elevate your thinking abilities. C) Working towards goals.
It explains to you how to work towards your goal by breaking it down to short- term goals. Goals play an extremely important function in your life by organizing your thinking and giving your life order and directions. D) Images, decisions making and thinking about visual information. As a critical thinker it is important to know how images and visual information can inspire, support, and reflect by communicating through images, it’s like conveying a message through text. E) An organized approach to making decisions.

Making decisions is important in our lives because there could be times where you make bad one that brings you consequences. As a educated thinker you have to learn how to make effective decisions thoughtfully and analytically. F) Living creatively.

As a critical thinker you need to live life creatively, professionally successful and personally by using creative and critical thinking abilities. Living creative is about how you could be creative within yourself and be happy with the aspects in your life.

Methods/ Examples/ Narratives/ Application of concepts Level 3

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