Crime in Belize

Topics: Cryonics, Robert Ettinger, Cryonics Institute Pages: 2 (583 words) Published: December 11, 2012
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General Purpose: To Inform

Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the history, methods and future of cryonics

Thesis Statement: Although cryonics has moved in recent years from science fiction to scientific reality, it is still far from foolproof

I) Cryonics has had a very interesting history
a) The notion of preserving people after death is age-old i) In the 1770s Benjamin Franklin wrote that he wanted to be “immersed in a cask of Madeira wine, ‘til that time when he could be recalled to life.” ii) Cryonics has been featured in science fiction novels, movies, and magazine and newspaper articles. b) Cryonics remained firmly in the realm of science fiction until 1964. i) In that year Robert Ettinger’s The Prospect of Immortality claimed that cryonics was indeed possible. ii) On January 12, 1967, James H. Bedford became the first human being to be cryonically frozen. c) Since then cryonics has steadily increased in popularity. i) There are currently four cryonics institutions in the United States ii) So far 80 people from around the word have been cryonically frozen iii) Another 800 people have signed up to be frozen when they die.

Transition: You’re probably wondering how will they do it? How does cryonics work?

II) When a person who has signed up to be cryonically frozen dies, a specific procedure must be carried out. a) The person must decide whether to freeze the entire body or just the head b) If the whole body will be frozen, it must be preserved i) Immediately after death, the person is connected to a heart-lung machine. ii) Chemicals are circulated through the blood to minimize freezing damage iii) Cold packs are used to reduce the patient’s internal temperature. c) If only the head will be frozen, a...
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