Cricket Tounge

Topics: Second language, French language, Lingua franca Pages: 1 (409 words) Published: March 20, 2013
Cricket Tongue
Mother tongue by Amy Tan begins by explaining herself as a writer. How she feel in love with the English language, how it has had in impact with all her emotions, the way she thinks, and the way she sees things. Not to long ago she recently discovered of the variations of English’s that she uses. When she talked to a large group of people she spoke to them in a language that her mother was not familiar with. With the group she would talk to them with complex English but with her mother it was completely different. She would use language such as “Not waste money that way” which was the only way she had ever talked to her mother. Not only is it just with her mother but with the rest of her Chinese family. They did not choose to speak English like this but rather that is how it stuck with them. Amy says that the English that her mothers speaks is rather “broken” meaning, it is damage and needs some repairs.

As I read what Amy has to say about the way the English language is used in different varieties doesn’t shock me at all. Most of the people that currently live in the United States are immigrates that bring with them other forms of language not knowing much to nothing at all to how to speak and read English. My family is of Mexican race. They came her not knowing nothing at all the main language, which is English. Of course as the years went by they started developing there vocabulary and started speaking English but the way that Amy describes her mom and her family is the exact same way I grew up hearing and speaking two different forms of English. My first language was my parents native language Spanish, as soon as I started school, starting learning English. As years went by I started notcing that when I was at home I would talk to my parents in a different form of English that I would use at school. My parents would misprounce the simplest words or at most time use them out context which made no sense when they were trying to talk to me...
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