Topics: English-language films, Mother, Automobile Pages: 2 (497 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Alejandro Gomez
English 9
January 22, 2012
That Green Truck A lot of people think that heroes are super people that have super powers like x-ray vision and they can fly and do all sorts of things that regular people can’t, that’s what I used to think but they don’t really do you any good. a real hero is someone that contributes to you in a really good way like a role model or a dad. My hero always has been my dad .He is my hero because how he does things and all of the stuff he has ever taught and also he showed me all of my hobbies and activities I like to do. My interest in cars that my dad showed has been around for a long time because my parents say that when I was little, I used to grab a screwdriver and go and lie under my bike and just bang and poke it with the screw driver like a mechanic. I named this essay ‘that green truck” because when I was nine we were at a party and my dad’s truck which was green was parked on a little hill, for some reason my dad sent me over to get his wallet and I went and the weird voice in my head told me to start it. So I did and it was the most harmonic sound I had ever heard and that same possessing voice told me to drive it, and I did but that was the worst joy ride ever, I only scratched the truck a little but my parents got so mad at me they took away my favorite pair of jeans and bought me corduroy pants it was the worst I had ever been dressed in years. Although my dad got really mad at me a day later he asked me if it was fun and I said yes. Another thing I really like about my dad is how he gets angry at me .first he screams and whacks me or slaps me and then he explains how it’s really bad to talk back to your mom, after that he tells me that he did that to when he was younger and that just cracks me up. My dad is a very supportive person and he really encourage me to do really good in school also supports me in other stuff besides school...
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