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A hero is someone that inspire someone else and make an impact on someone’s life and showing the right thing to do. Like Beowulf he was a great dragon slayer and he had no super powers, and didn’t even use a weapon. The towns people worshiped him and later crowning him king of the village for his heroic deed. Heroes are all around and many people are defined heroes to different people of different beliefs some people think that a hero is someone with super powers and others think that a hero is an average person from everyday life that makes examples to help people out. Heroes like I said already is someone who have a great characteristics, is loving, helpful, trustworthy, and honest.

Hollywood make a hero something that its not. Like when they make movies they have heroes portrayed as great supernatural people that fight crimes, most of the time have villains, never die, and is well known and have action figures after him/her. My hero is my mom and my oldest brother because they just make things possible for me that I never thought could happen. Like my mother and my oldest brother set many example for me not to quit something, and to just keep pushing through the obstacles that I face that seem just impossible to get through on my own. My brother just showed me that nothing can hold him down and that he is determined to get what he need while working for it.

During cross country season last year I just felt that I wouldn’t make it through my condition, but my brother would stand at the finish line waiting for me making sure that I finished and not just a normal slow finish but I was leading the pack. My brother made me push myself and I just stayed mentally tough saying that I want to be like him one day because he fights through the most difficult situations that just seem impossible to get out of no matter how hard you try. The time that I experienced my brother going through the worst situation ever is when he was working for planet fitness...
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