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  • Published : January 30, 2013
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1. What are the principal differences between marketing domestically and marketing internationally or globally?

Discuss the various factors that have led to the growth of international business? There is very limited growth in domestic markets, so in order to remain healthy, most companies must grow and this has been achieved by going international. This is because many product markets in the industrialized nations are saturated which limits growth. Entering less I saturated foreign markets is the most viable way to grow. Competition is the primary driving force to start international business. Competition can be regional, local or global. It’s global when the companies competing for customers in as country-market come from all over the world. It is regional when the competitors serving a country-market come from different neighboring countries. National when the companies serving a country market are all based in that market. Technological change is another factor for in the areas of transportation and communication. This is so because the number of airline connections inside Europe to aisa and any other points in the usa to overseas destinations has dramatically increased. Telecommunications have revolutionized the economic and political world, and changed the way business is conducted. In more advance ways computers are increasingly hooked to each other online around the world. Hence an internal memo with attachments can easily be shared by e-mail with all managers at the same time. Like in cases of logistics and shipment of goods. Satellite TV has changed the way business is conducted like in commercials broadcast in many countries hence this enable many people from different cultures understand each other. Access to resources gets really so easy. Companies that operate internationally treat the world as a source of supply as well as demand. They obtain the resources...
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